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My name is Brad Townsend, the proud owner of Erudite. I walked on to my first job-site when I was 18 years old. Looking for anyone willing to hire someone with no experience and fresh out of high school. That site just happened to be an ICF development of residential homes. Thankfully, as a result, I was given the opportunity to start immediately.

I enjoyed the ICF trade so much that I stayed in the industry since 1999. Throughout that time, I constantly pushed to be one of the best ICF installers the industry has seen. As a result, I believe I achieved that goal. However, I still had one more goal in mind. Which was to one day build my own company and be different from the rest. When that day finally presented itself, I had two objectives in mind. I wanted to give my clients the best quality in the industry and to take care of my employees. Flash forward to today. My team and I have successfully grown into one of the largest companies that specialize in ICF in the area. More importantly, we have a Relentless Devotion To Quality and we genuinely Love What We Do!


Our Mission

Above all, it is important to us as a company, that we exceed your expectations. From our initial contact to the completion of your project, we want you feeling happy and confident with us. You are spending your hard earned money on a service and we realize that. So, it is our responsibility to be as thorough as possible for you and to follow through with the guarantee we promise.

ICF Installation

Finally, to us, erudite means; we are in constant pursuit of knowledge and logic, as it pertains to building quality projects for our clients.


"Hi Brad, I have been meaning to write a special note expressing my thanks to you and your boys for building the entire structure of my house.  I believe that I have been truly blessed by God to have not only been referred to you by Avanti Engineering, but also have you contribute to my decision to build the entire wall structure using ICF. Additionally, have you incorporate building the floors and finally the roof into your scope of work which was an extremely valuable service you have provided me in the absence of having a separate framer.

I really appreciate you working expeditiously throughout my project,  as with most construction projects, dependability, maintaining the schedule and managing expectations are important.

Knowing that you strive for quality and 100% guarantee, I was confident in your abilities to undertake the horizontal and vertical layout, provide a square and level structure and use to proper specified materials.  Becaue of that confidence, it allowed me 'let you do you thing' while minimizing the time I needed to be on site.  

It was a great experience and a privilege to have worked with you. This was a unique experience that allowed me to work alongside a professional construction company with all your experience and quality at my disposal.  I felt that the whole experience was a great Team effort where we all had an integral part to keep the job moving.

You have really exceeded my expectations and I look forward to spreading the word what a wonderful service and experience Eurdite Construction has provided me.

Take Care, Ken Wallace"

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