ICF - Insulated Concrete Forming


ICF Structures

All of our projects start with ICF in mind. Whether it's just a Frost Wall, Foundation, Full Build or Multi Story Structure, Swimming Pool, Boat House or Workshop we have you covered.


Footings, Pads, Piers, Stone &Weeper

When you choose us for your ICF build, we generally take on the Footings, Pads, Piers, Stone & Weeper. This saves you having to hire multiple contractors to get the job done.


Waterproof, Drainage Board & Parging

Your ICF foundation wouldn't be completed without Waterproofing. When completing your quote package we will suggest the type of Waterproofing we think you need.


General Framing

While we specialize in ICF we can offer General Framing packages as well. Let us know if you have a framer or if you would like us to include some general framing with our quote package.




Hambro Floor

Insul Deck


Comprehensive Quote Package


A comprehensive quote package consists of 3 parts. The first part is a mock-up sheet; this mock-up is a cropped version of your drawings that are colour coded outlining exactly what’s been priced. The second part is a take-off sheet; this is to reference the exact measurements and what each colour means on the mock-up. Finally, a detailed quote is the last part to our comprehensive quote package. This quote package is provided with a highly advanced software program that we developed to further separate us from our competition. This also gives you, the client, peace of mind that we’ve included everything you need to get the project completed.


Comparing Quotations

Linears & Square Footages

– If a contractor hasn’t outlined all linears and square footages on the quote then that is a red flag. Remember, you’re about to hand over thousands of dollars to a contractor; they should be able to provide that at bare minimum. If I provided you with exact particulars for your project but you went with the cheaper contractor with less information, you’re potentially leaving yourself open for an unpleasant surprise at some point of the project.

Separated Pricing

– Some contractors are still “padding” the price by only providing one price for a bunch of services offered. Along with that could be a quotation with limited details in what their providing.



The problem here is that it provides a lot of grey area within the quotation with what something costs and what was provided. Should you encounter a problem during the project, the client should be able to break down each aspect of the quote to know what it’s costing. Simply put, the more information you are provided by the contractor the better it is for both you and the contractor should a problem arise.

Read Carefully

– Not all contractors offer the same services. Some offer the same services but exclude some portions needed to complete that service. Example of this could be installation of the ICF but the pump and/or concrete aren’t included. Not all pricing means everything is included. Be sure to dissect the quote!

Do your homework

– Quotes will vary from cheapest to most expensive. It’s said that you typically get what you pay for. This is one of the most important aspects of your project. Be sure to check their work and visit a current job-site. Anyone can take a good picture but visiting a project and meeting the contractor can tell you numerous things about the contractor you're about to hire.

Check References

– References will tell you everything you want to know about your contractor in 30 seconds. A good contractor will have repeat business on a regular basis. Ask to speak with that person(s). References will be no problem for a good contractor to provide.

Ask Questions

– Don’t be afraid to ask numerous questions. Ask them in writing. This could save your tail at some point during your build. Your contractor should be able to answer all questions related to his trade with confidence.

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